Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee is responsible for tracking Div 240’s greivances from filing to resolution. Moving agency level grievances along is our mission. We have seen improvement in the process when our division is directly involved in keeping management and PEF moving on our grievances. PEF has recently rolled out a grievance tracking system effective January 1, 2020 and all new grievances will now also be tracked by PEF’s new program. Grievance concerns, contact the committee members below.


Jeff Hutchinson

Kevin Dobies

(518) 437-4647

(518) 437-6498

Buffalo Daniel Warren (716) 851-2097
Binghamton Charles Browning (607) 741-3440
Melville Mark Seidner
Prashant Singapura
Chris Rampe
(631) 756-4215
(631) 756-4369
(631) 756-4202
New York City Clifvon Jones (212) 587-5599
Rochester Kathy Czachorowski (585) 258-2179
White Plains John Babich (914) 701-2128