Congratulations to our winners! Checks should be received within 2 weeks!

Full Time College Student

Deanna Gulneck, $1000 Scholarship. Her mother is Deborah Gulneck, Albany PEF Member.

John Russell, $500 Scholarship. His father is James Russell, White Plains PEF Member.

Brennan Rampe, $500 Scholarship. His father is Chris Rampe, Melville PEF Member.

Hannah Salway, $250 Scholarship. Her mother is Brenda Ball, Rochester PEF Member.

College Bound Student

Ashutosh Yaligar, $375 Scholarship. His mother is Smitashaya Patil, Albany PEF Member.

Marty Dolan, $125 Scholarship. His father us Martin Dolan, Albany PEF Member.

Priyanka Tondamantham, $100 Scholarship. Her mother is Anu Tondamantham, Albany PEF Member.

Part Time College Student

Brandi Loveday-Chesley, $250 Scholarship, Albany PEF Member.