Sent on behalf of President Spence:

PEF Leaders,

PEF is collecting all concerns and complaints daily, regarding the safety and security of our members at each of their agencies and the communities they serve. A good 95% of the decisions about how COVID-19 is being handled at each agency is coming directly from the Governor and his direct staff, not your agency leadership. We are working all levels of state government to demand the proper resources and safety precautions to ensure that NYS is working to stop the spread of the virus.

Everyone needs to understand that PEF is not “agreeing” or “allowing” these dangerous situations to continue. Despite our best efforts, management continues to make these decisions that go against what the Governor publicly states and the interests of the communities you serve.  As you know , PEF leaders, staff and members, top down and bottom up are vigorously advocating in every which way possible. Unfortunately because we are so busy there will not necessarily be a lot of visibility to show all the work going on behind the scenes by PEF staff and leaders .

We are all doing this together. When people come to you and demand answers from PEF, tell them their anger, fears, frustration is understood, but misplaced on their union.

Most of all, remember to be kind to each other.

Thank you all,

Wayne Spence