Statewide Health & Safety Committee

The Statewide Health & Safety Committee addresses with SIF Management issues that affect a statewide or majority of offices and issues that could not be resolved at the local level. Local H&S committees are also in place; please first consult with those team members when you have a concern.

If you have a safety or health hazard concern, contact your local steward and read the following NYS Public Employee Safety and Health info and complaint form at:    PESH7

Albany Patricia Mason

Aaron Uchytil

(518) 437-6496

(518) 437-3146


Rob Burey

(716) 851-9132
Binghamton Charles Browning (607) 741-3440
Long Island Pete Singapura (631)756-4369
New York City Chermayne Campbell
Ken Johnson
Clifvon Jones
Radhakrishna Mohan
(212) 587-7415
(212) 312-7379
(212) 587-5599
(212) 312-9947
Rochester Joan Schiener (585) 258-2162

Don Stephens SWH&S Chair

Eileen Richardson

(315) 453-6656

(315) 453-6672 

White Plains Rhonda Charles (914) 253-6284