Scholarship Committee

PEF Division 240’s Scholarship Committee is responsible for all things relating to our annual Scholarship Award, from choosing the annual topic for the written paper to grading and selecting the winners.

PEF Division 240 Scholarship-Contest Poster (1)

PEF 240 College Scholarship 2019 Application

PEF 240 Scholarship Flyer 2019

PEF Div 240 Scholarship Grading Scale 2019

Proposed Policy – Guidance for Divisional Scholarships

Proposed PEF Division 240 Scholarship Operating Procedures-Edited



Sheryl Sperry

Patty Mason


Buffalo Rob Burey  

Long Island


Shentah Pizarro

Diana Roberts


New York City


Chermayne Campbell 

Ken Johnson


Rochester Joan Schiener  
Syracuse Eileen Richardson  
White Plains Rhonda Charles