FFCRA/Families First Coronavirus Response Act is the expanded FMLA that grants 10-weeks of 2/3’s pay to be out of work for children being out of school. Those who have children and know that they either won’t be returning to school, or will be returning on a reduce schedule, should be applying now.

The courts upheld that if you are out due your child being home from school, you do not need to use the 12-weeks as a block. Instead you can use it as needed. Consider trying to apply for this retroactively so you are prepared for September.​

You would apply for this the same way you would apply for FMLA.  Members obtain a note from the school/school district about its plans and just the children’s age to show they can’t legally/safely be home alone.

Additionally, this act also provides 2-weeks at 2/3’s pay to be out to take care of an individual who has been ordered to quarantine. The act also provides 2-weeks of full pay to be out if you are subjected to be quarantined.

Information was emailed to staff on 4/17 and also can be found on the Business Continuity portion of the NYSIF intranet. If anyone would like to apply for this they need to email the COVID-19 email address.