Sent on behalf of President Spence: 
I wanted you to know that my staff and I have been working daily with the Governor’s Office to have the Statewide Telecommuting Agreement extended. This does not even include our many request and attempts, over the last few months, for the Governor to lead the way and protect NYS employee’s. This could be accomplished by simply extending the Statewide Telecommuting Agreement.  PEF understand that the anxiety associated with traveling in crowded subway, buses, and elevators during this pandemic. The unknown issues associated with childcare and schools during a state-of-emergency. And the danger related to cramped work areas during COVID and the recent upticks in cases.
Unfortunately, as of late last night we have not heard either yes or no from the Governor’s Office on the extension of the statewide telecommuting agreement, which expires today.
However, the good news is that the New York State Attorney General and New York State Comptroller have lead the way and listened to our concerns by extending their agency telecommuting agreements through the end of the year.  We will continue to negotiate with the Governor’s staff and do everything possible to protect PEF members.  You will be notified if anything changes throughout the day. In Unity,
Wayne Spence PEF President ​