There appears to be some confusion of how to respond to the NYSIF survey on returning to work it asks:

* 6. Are you able to return to work beginning in July 2020? (Only answer yes if you have no issues preventing your return to work, such as childcare, transportation or other concerns or issues, etc.)

* 7. If you are unable to return to the office in July 2020, do one or more of the following categories pertain to you?

Child care, eldercare, or dependent care issues Public transportation issues
You or a member of your household fall into one of the categories identified by CDC as being at high risk for serious complications from coronavirus, (e.g., pregnant women; persons with compromised immune systems due to cancer, HIV, history of organ transplant or other medical conditions; persons less than 65 years of age with underlying chronic conditions; or persons over 65).

******Please be sure to only answer yes if you have no barriers or qualms about returning to work. (They are prohibited from specifically asking about an employee’s health.)******