What is JANUS and how it affects you!


While members wonder What the Janus decision means to them and Why they should remain in a Union, these talking points are a good place to start.







React-O-Mat™ on SCOTUS ruling in Janus case


PEF Executive Board enacts new policy for non-members as a result of the Janus decision

Effective immediately, PEF shall not provide representation to non-members except as required by Civil Service Law section section 209-a, as amended. Namely, PEF shall not provide representation to non-members: (i) during questioning by the employer, (ii) in statutory or administrative proceedings or to enforce statutory or regulatory rights, or (iii) in any stage of a grievance, arbitration or other contractual process concerning the evaluation or discipline of a public employee where the non-member is permitted to proceed without the employee organization and be represented by his or her own advocate.

PEF will not provide representation in the above-referenced matters unless the individual is an active, dues paying PEF member at the time of the conduct which is the subject of the questioning, proceeding, conduct, evaluation or other action at issue, and remains an active dues paying PEF member during the course of the representation.

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State’s New Law an Incentive To Keep Paying Dues




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