Division 240 Survey Winners!

Congratulations to our Division 240 Survey Winners!

$300 PEF MBP gift card winner: Stephanie Vale

$50 PEF MBP gift card winners: Tammy Dybacz, Sean Munoz, Elizabeth Flynn

Thank you to all who contributed!

Div 240 Scholarship Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our winners! Checks should be received within 2 weeks!

Full Time College Student

Deanna Gulneck, $1000 Scholarship. Her mother is Deborah Gulneck, Albany PEF Member.

John Russell, $500 Scholarship. His father is James Russell, White Plains PEF Member.

Brennan Rampe, $500 Scholarship. His father is Chris Rampe, Melville PEF Member.

Hannah Salway, $250 Scholarship. Her mother is Brenda Ball, Rochester PEF Member.

College Bound Student

Ashutosh Yaligar, $375 Scholarship. His mother is Smitashaya Patil, Albany PEF Member.

Marty Dolan, $125 Scholarship. His father us Martin Dolan, Albany PEF Member.

Priyanka Tondamantham, $100 Scholarship. Her mother is Anu Tondamantham, Albany PEF Member.

Part Time College Student

Brandi Loveday-Chesley, $250 Scholarship, Albany PEF Member.

Congratulations to the Winners of the PEF Division 240 Annual College Scholarship Contest 2018:
In the Full Time College Student Category:
John C. Russell, $1000 Scholarship – his Father is James Russell from our White Plains Office
Hannah Salway, $1000 Scholarship- her Mother is Brenda Ball from our Rochester Office
Nicholas Salway, $250 Scholarship-his Mother is Brenda Ball from our Rochester Office
In the HS Graduate, College Bound Student Category:
Brennan Rampe, $375 Scholarship-his Father is Chris Rampe from our Nassau Office
Deanna Gulneck, $125 Scholarship-her Mother is Deborah Gulneck from our Albany Office
Sananda Pai, $125 Scholarship-her Father is Mahadeb Pai from our Albany Office.
Unfortunately we did not have any Entrants for the Part-Time College Student Category.  Checks should go out within 2-3 weeks.  Thank you for participating!


New York State Recognizes Cyber Security Champion Award Winners

Congratulations to one of SIF’s own and Albany PEF steward, Brandi Loveday-Chesley on her award.

Brandi Loveday-Chesley, Information Technology Specialist 2, New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF). Ms. Loveday-Chesley was recognized for her dedication and ongoing efforts to assess vulnerability risk and advise on remediation actions for all devices at NYSIF. In addition, Ms. Loveday-Chesley consistently provides outstanding customer service to the application development and infrastructure groups within her agency.

Per Ms. Loveday-Chesley, Thank you to Mr. John Borst, Cybersecurity Outreach Coordinator from NYS OITS and Ms. Liz Farrell from NYS EISO for taking time out of their day to come to my office to present the award.

Shown in pictures below, Tom Kowal, ITS 3 and Supervisor, Brandi Loveday-Chesley, ITS, and Elizabeth Farrell, NYS EISO.

Bernie Kahn Outstanding Service Award.

New in 2018 from PEF’s Health & Safety Program.

Bernie Kahn Outstanding Service Award.

This year’s recipient is Angel Cook from the DOL.

This award recognizes a H&S activist for their sustained and outstanding efforts and dedication to improve the lives of workers.

Those who knew Bernie know that this award in his honor is as well deserved to those who receive it!