SW Health & Safety Minutes

See Article 18, Health & Safety, of the PEF contract.

The Statewide Health & Safety Committee addresses with SIF Management issues that affect a statewide or majority of offices and issues that could not be resolved at the local level. Local H&S committees are also in place; please first consult with those team members when you have a concern.

If you have a safety or health hazard concern, contact your local steward and read the following NYS Public Employee Safety and Health info and complaint form at:    PESH7

Health & Safety information:  PESH7 PESH2018


PEF COVID RTW Plan for management

TOOL KIT FOR PEF LEADERS Return to Work covid v4




Patty Mason                             ALBANY     *EBoard #210

Aaron Uchytil                           ALBANY

Charles Browning                    BINGHAMTON

Don Stephens                           SYRACUSE – H&S PEF Chair

Pete Singapura                         MELVILLE     *EBoard #215

Chermayne Campbell              NYC

Clifvon Jones                             NYC

Radhakrishna Mohan              NYC      *EBoard #217

Ken Johnson                              NYC

Joan Schiener                            ROCHESTER

Eileen Richardson                    SYRACUSE

Rhonda Charles                        WHITE PLAINS

Rob Burey                                 BUFFALO

During the COVID 19 pandemic, SWH&S concerns and reintegration are being addressed at the SWLM, please refer to those minutes until further notice.

Statewide H&S Meeting Minutes101619


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