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Leave Donation Policy:

New York State Insurance Fund Leave Donation Program
NYSIF’s Leave Donation Program is a program designed to provide a means of assisting employees who, because of longterm personal illness, have exhausted their accrued leave credits and would otherwise be subject to a severe loss of income during a continuing absence from work. Donations may be solicited by the recipient employee, on his or her behalf by coworkers or by local union representatives. NYSIF may not solicit donations on the employee’s behalf.
In order to donate vacation credits an employee must:
• have a minimum vacation balance of at least ten days or 75 hours after making the donation, based on the donor’s work schedule. Vacation credits which would otherwise be forfeited may not be donated.
In order to receive donated leave credits, an employee must:
• be subject to the Attendance Rules or otherwise eligible to earn leave credits; • be absent due to a non-occupational personal illness or disability for which medical documentation satisfactory to management may be required; • have exhausted all leave credits; • be expected to continue to be absent for at least two biweekly payroll periods following exhaustion of leave credits or sick leave at half-pay; • not have had any disciplinary actions or unsatisfactory performance evaluations within the employee’s last three years of State employment.
Restrictions on Donations:
Only vacation credits which would not otherwise be forfeited may be donated. Credits must be donated in full-day units (7.5 hours). There is no limit on the number of times an eligible donor may make donations. Donated credits not used by recipients are returned to the donor.
There is no maximum number of days which a recipient employee may accept, provided, however, that donated credits cannot be used to extend employment beyond the point it would otherwise end by operation of law, rule or regulation. There is no maximum number of donors from whom an eligible employee may accept donations.
An employee’s continuing eligibility to participate in this program will be reviewed by the Department of Administration at least every 30 days and more frequently if appropriate.
Donated credits may be used, at the employee’s option, in full-day units after exhaustion of all leave credits and prior to sick leave at half-pay or in either full or half-day units after exhaustion of sick leave at half-pay.
Recipient employees are deemed to be in leave without pay status for attendance and leave purposes while charging donated leave credits. They do not earn biweekly accruals or observe holidays, nor do they receive personal leave or vacation bonus days if their anniversary dates fall while using donated leave credits. Time charged to donated leave credits does not count as service for earning additional eligibility for sick leave at half-pay.
Health insurance premiums, retirement contributions and other payroll deductions continue to be withheld from the employee’s paycheck so long as the check is of an amount sufficient to cover these deductions.
If you wish to donate leave credits to a co-worker who meets the eligibility criteria above, please complete the Leave Donation Authorization Form and forward to Personnel Operations at 199 Church Street, New York.


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